LOOKBOOK : Bloody Chic in the city

Perfect for tough and first period days. When you don’t feel like dressing up,  this outfit is the perfect combo while still looking pretty at home. 

Working days and busy days while having your periods but make it chic. It’s all about feeling yourself on those important days even if its not the best week ! This look combines comfiness and professionalism all together. Let’s make them deals !

Periods and Summer are not the best mix but this outfit definitely is. Flattering and Strechy made to wear during your final period days.

Nothing better than a picnic at the parc on a hot summer day. Definitely Cottage vibes but made to enjoy that picnic. This outfit is ideal for your mid to final days of periods, switch the skater skirt for a stretchy option.

Sleep Work Happy Hour ! For all the going out lovers this one’s for you! This outfit is the perfect in between with classy and casual. Trade in jeans for a darker color. Suggested to wear on your mid and final period days.