How to manage your periods during a long flight

As travel lovers we know how stressful it can be when you are on a long flight and you have your periods. It’s hard to feel at peace and not stress about a thing when you have to worry about getting up to change and plus getting those period pains. We thought about tips on how to survive your periods when you’re up in the clouds.

  • Your favorite hygiene product, the one you feel the most comfortable in knowing you’ll be sitting for a while.
  • A fresh pair of underwear in case of leaks outside your protection 
  • A plastic bag or a wet swimsuit bag to put your underwear in case it gets stained
  • Pain killers for cramps / headaches & stomach aches. We know how painful it gets  when you start having cramps and don’t have anything to lessen the pain. Always carry a pack with you just in case. 
  • Intimate wipes. Not being able to shower during a 6+ hours flight can be a little bit of a hustle especially when you have your periods. We advice bringing intimate wipes to freshen up yourself throughout the flight or if you prefer the simple option bring in a small soap ( liquid or solid & make sure it fits the recommended size for airplane)  with a disposable towel to wash your intimate area.
  • if you have some space, dont hesitate to bring your heating pad to help with your cramps 

It’s no brainer but being on longer flights equals opting for a comfortable outfit. 6+ hours IS LONG and you wanna feel as good as possible. 

  • Opt for darker colors if its your first days ( grey, brown, red, black, navy, violet)
  • Trade in tight tops for airy ones such as oversized tops ( nothing better than a good oversized top) ( if you have sweating tendencies trade in polyester for lightweight cotton which is the most breathable fabric that will allow a little airflow)
  • Planes can get chilly we recommend to always have one sweater with you to cosy up in during the flight. 
  • Fuzzy or cotton socks are a must to feel extra cosy through the flight 
  • Lounge Pants, Flare pants, sweatpants, leggings the choice is yours 

  • Make sure you get up 1/1.5 hours to get your legs moving and the blood circulates ( pro tip : book yourself an aisle seat so you wont have to disturb anyone through the flight for bathroom trips) Walk back and forth to the bathroom, do some stretching, bend your muscle to avoid the numbness in your feet, butt and back. you will not regret it !!!
  • Drink as much as possible, it is advised to drink 9 to 10 glasses a day to help fight the bloating in order for it to flush the waste out of your system
  • If you are on a night flight, make sure you get some sleep for a few hours and wake up earlier that way you’ll be able to power through a day of exploring in a new city and you might be able to fight jet lag for a little while. Little fact : Lack of sleep can disturb your Circadian rhythms ( aka the internal process that regulates your sleep-wake cycle which repeats every 24 hrs) and doing something that could disturb the circadian rhythms could change the process and then affects your periods.
  • Healthy snacks !! if you love to snack through your flight and you prefer bringing your own snacks we suggest : dark chocolate, nuts, chewing gum ( helps for taking off and landings), bananas or oranges ( avoid apples due to bloating) 
  • Watch some lighthearted, funny or not too complicated entertainment aka any rom com or sit com ( We love watching New Girl on the plane )