Editor’s Note

Welcome to Bon Sang

Periods but Bloody Chic, what my sister said as I was searching for a catch phrase for the magazine. It’s with pleasure that I welcome you all to Bon Sang, the very first online period magazine . If you had told me that I would be launching my own magazine during a pandemic and after two months of being in lockdown i probably would have laughed and never believed you but as they all say “ never say never”. My name is Anaïs, I am 21 years old and studying Digital Communication. Inspired by all the magazine I have read or my favorite movies/ tv shows I have watched, for some reason I was always stars trucked by these movies, from brainstorming  a new edition to the creative process always seemed fun to watch. The idea was born because of a Web Design class project to create an online magazine. After multiple brainstorms, the subject that came up the most was Periods. One of the most taboo subjects online and offline and after thinking and researching it was decided. It only is during the start of the lockdown that I officially decided to make it official. The purpose ? To guide everyone concerned by periods. Growing up is hard but managing your periods is probably the most complicated thing we have to go through and sadly we can’t bloody escape it. Going through your periods without someone you can ask for help or even feel comfortable talking about is never easy and that’s exactly why I wanted to create Bon Sang. To help navigate all of us with our periods, to give advice and to empower. So let’s make periods less unbearable, have a little fun and more talked about !!!