All we love for christmas : OUR LIST

Flo Bamboo Pads

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  If you are an eco-friendly person or trying to switch out your habits for a more sustainable option when it comes to period products this one is for you. We discovered Flo and immediately loved their concept. Products are made 100% from sustainable bamboo. The comfort is impeccable. 

Christmas with the kranks

An all time favorite and classic to have add to your movie list. It follows a family that spends goes above and beyond for the holidays and live in a neighborhood where Christmas is taken seriously but decide to boycott Christmas and go away on a holiday to the Caribbean…. Having a tough period painful day ? tuck yourself away and watch the funny adventures of the Kranks that will definitely put you in the best mood.

Tezza Photo editing

Our favorite photo application from our all time favorite influencer miss Tezza. We’ve discovered this application two years ago. Photo editing has never been this fun. Easy to understand with aesthetic filters adjustable to your taste. Application comes with free presets already but for further fun subscriptions are available !

Accounts we've been loving

Here are two of our two accounts we’ve been loving recently : @dansmaculotte is an online brand that sells everything from period panties to organic pads and tampons and everything else you need to get through your periods. You’ll find everything from memes, infographics and aesthetic pictures. We definitely recommend following them. 

@nounoursdesgobelin account fully dedicated to teddy bears. The concept is simple but iconic : teddy bears are being scattered all over paris in the simply act of spreading joy and happiness through teddy bears. Nothing makes us happier than seeing the cutest teddy bears on our instagram feeds. 

Celebrating Christmas excessively

Our absolute favorite time of the year and we couldn’t be any happier. Christmas only happens once a year and when it arrives we make sure we celebrate it until we run out of ideas. Having your periods during the merriest time of the year is never fun but there are only a handful of things you can do to cheer yourself up such as : Having a christmas song dance party, decorating your room and making it look festive, drink hot chocolate ( which can reduce your stress, boost your mood and most importantly the pain of your cramps !) watch a cheesy christmas film or go look at the city christmas decorations. 

Make Moodboards

By having an actual visual of your goals, you are training your brain to perform in order to help yourself reach that goal. When you picture yourself hitting a specific goal, your brain immediately imagines it as a reality which creates pathways to support and make that reality come true. Making Mooboards is a past time we cannot get enough of because it allows us to visualize our goals and to motivate ourselves to reach our manifestations. Feeling bored and wanna relaxing in a fun way, get your magazines or your pinterest out and start visualizing your goals ! The perfect activity to do when having your periods due to the being more goal oriented during your cycle.