How to handle the first days

Wherever it’s before going to bed or waking up and feeling wet, welcoming your periods isn’t always exciting. Getting your periods shouldn’t feel like the end of the world especially on the first day (we know it does but hear us out). If you happen to get your periods on a day where you do not need to be anywhere, we curated tips on how to take extra good care of yourself during the first leaking days :

Wake up and take five minutes to yourself or wherever that’s to say hello to your partner or cuddle your dog. Head straight to where it’s at, the bathroom ! if you wanna feel clean we recommend taking a shower or just washing your intimate part. Then obviously change or put your hygienic protections on and you’ll already feel much better after doing that. 


Time for the most important part of the day, BREAKFAST. We don’t know about you but when on your periods everything is tempting from chips to a smoothie bowl, and we can’t resist but think of eating both, if you are feeling motivated to make a cute and healthy breakfast, for diary lovers grab some yogurt which is rich in magnesium and calcium and can help fight off yeast infections and chop off some fruits and grab a bowl and put everything together and enjoy ! 


And lastly, simple but effective : Dress up and make yourself feel good INSIDE OUT. We know how easy it is to gravitate towards loungewear, staying in PJS and being in bed all day on the first day of getting your periods. There’s no better feeling than having a full on morning pamper to yourself, your body is a temple and you are a goddess !! You deserve to feel amazing, we know bleeding is not glamorous but nobody says you can’t do anything on your periods.

We love having a lazy day in but we also love going out and getting that Vitamin D. Call or text your closests friends or ask your family members and hit up the town ! Go to your favorite restaurant or explore a new area in your city and maybe you’ll find your new favorite place. Had a rough week or just feeling like treating yourself because you deserve it, grab your purse and go shop ! For ladies that prefer to take it slow, head somewhere peaceful and sunny like a park, the beach or even the library, sometimes we all need to have our alone time and be with our own thoughts. 


Cramps, Bleeding, headaches, bloating are some of the things that drain us through the leaking days. It is vital to take care of ourselves, to allow ourselves to regain our energy. One way to unwind is anything heat related aka heating pad or hot showers / baths. Heat works by relaxing the muscles of the uterus and it will ease the pain and the flow. Unwinding also means enjoying and relaxing. Wherever that’s being curled up in bed to catch up on your favorite shows or movie (We personally love anything that makes us laugh till we cry even though laughing on your periods can cause leaking), working on your hobbies, having a huge spa moment at home or meditate to feel at peace with yourself and your thoughts. Distract yourself from the leaks and pains and enjoy yourself !

We love eating especially during our periods. One because we have every craving and will be willing to eat anything we see in our fridges Two because they can lessen our symptoms. Here is a list of recommended foods to eat during your cycle : 

Iron-rich foods 


Fish (Omega-3s can decrease the intensity of period pain)


Dark chocolate



Foods rich in fiber 






Water Rich fruits 






Wear cotton 

Avoid wearing underwear with synthetic fabrics, for better comfort and less sweating. Opt for some cotton underwear. 


Wash Regularly

Whilst being on your periods, blood can enter tiny areas around your vagina such as the skin between your labia or crust around the opening of the vagina and you should always wash this excess blood away. It can also prevent bad odor in the vagina. 


Be prepared at all times 

We cannot stress this enough but being prepared when a blood disaster happens can be less stressful than not having anything to save the situation. Here is what you should have with you in a bag at all times, periods or not. 


A change of underwear 

Tampons / Pad (unless you use the cup or the menstrual underwear) 

Cramps medication 

Intimate Wipes 


Plastic Bag ( to hold stained clothing / underwear if out at the beach / on a hike / on an airplane etc)