How to deal with your periods this summer

Don’t you just love when your periods randomly shows up during your summer vacation ? When you are supposed to have a great time ? Don’t worry sweetie we’ve all been there and it sucks with a capital S. But here on Bon Sang we wanna make it possible for everyone to enjoy their summer, live their best live even while on their periods. Here’s how. 

Best Protections to wear

Let’s be honest there are only two choices of protections that are appropriate to wear during your periods. Even if they seem intimidating, they are the most practical to use. No forcing on what’s best to wear especially if you do not feel it. 

Why tampons ? 

Crazy how a stick like figure can be so practical. They are discreet and wearable up to 8 hours. Tampons are a must when it comes to tranquility.  We know how annoying it can be when it’s hot outside and all you wanna do is dip into the water. Wear a tampon and you’ll be able to enjoy your day as much as possible. Make sure to change it after 8 hours. 

Why menstrual cup ? 

Very convenient for swimming and definitely takes the stress out. This also means no possible show of string making an unwanted appearance. Better yet, you won’t have to constantly keep changing it. It keeps you safe and leak free up until 6 hours.

How to enjoy without letting it ruin your vacation

Yes, you have your periods and yes its never the nicest gift (like ever..) but we all have moments where we wished we could have had more fun or allowed ourselves to let it be. If you are on a more relaxing oriented holiday where you are not moving too much, we advice to take it slow  and be easy with yourself. Slide in a few more hours of sleep if you can, eat watermelon, they are an iconic alternative for a sweet snack when you feel bloated. 

Dark Bikini 

Dark swimsuits all the way !! You will be less stressed knowing you are wearing a darker swimsuit than if you wear wearing a brighter one. Chances are damages are most likely to take place if you wear the wrong color, as always… Summer time also calls for being active, head for a walk, do some light sports, go for a swim !

Take it easy 

Schedule your holiday around how you feel. If you know you need to sleep well and wanna take it slow during the morning schedule activities later during the day, no need to rush ! Make sure there is a bathroom nearby so you can change in peace and not worry about when to change. Not to forget that the heat can amplify your mood and rise up the crankiness, so try incorporating mindful moments throughout your day that can take your mind off off things. 

Take some back up underwear, you never know when an incident can strike, periods are always unpredictable, so we advice to slip in an extra. 

Hygiene wise

Make sure you keep taking good care of your body during that time. Avoid anything that decreases the use of heat and sweat as this can lead to potential growth of bacteria or vaginal infection. Use neutral ph soaps along with warm water to keep your v clean.

Stay Hydrated 

As the serotonin and estrogen levels rises, making headaches more possible during this period (no puns intended) Keep hydrating yourself and we recommend to get into a hand stand or head stand position every few hours ( or lie on the floor and lift your legs up), this will flood the brain with oxygen. 

At the end of the day, periods should not take away your fun time on your holiday ! Remember to be gentle with yourself, feed your body well and listen to your body !