Explaining Periods to Guys

Guys this one’s for you. We know you have probably asked yourself this question hundreds of time and still are confused on the subject, say no more, here is how periods actually work and what we actually go through during THAT time of the month.

What is Menstruation ?

Menstruation is normal vaginal blood that occurs every month. It is old blood and tissue from inside the uterus that sheds blood and endometrium ( aka the lining of the uterus) through our cervix and vagina.

Why do we have our periods ?

Quite simply because our body prepares itself for a possible pregnancy every month and gets rid of it through the discharge of blood and certain unwanted tissues when pregnancy does not take place.

Illustrations made by @laureartgallery

How long does it last ?

The cycle lasts 28 days overall. It is divided into three phases. First off we have the menstrual cycle that approximately lasts 1 to 6 days, in this period the blood sheds. Following we have the follicular phase that takes place during the 7th until the 15th day. It starts on the first day of our periods and ends with ovulation and will stimulate the lining of the uterus to thicken in order to prepare for possible pregnancy. Finally, we have the ovulation phase which happens around on the 16th day until the 28th. An ovulation is  the release of a mature egg from the surface of the ovary. The cycle starts from the first day of our periods and it ends when the next period begins.

Illustrations made by @laureartgallery

How much it actually hurts

Here is a pretty accurate period meter of how we actually feel on our periods. Keep in mind, each body is different and lives the period in a differently.

Inside of our bodies

How does blood leak onto our protections

Menstrual blood originates from the uterus then passes through the cervix all the way to the vagina onto your protection or sometimes outside…