One Book

We are huge on educating ourselves over at Bon Sang especially on periods ! Our dear friend  Saskia Boujo paved the way for many of us and put it all in a book “ This period in my life” available in French and English ! From the history of menstruations to how to get through your very first period and what the heck does it all really mean. We couldn’t recommend this book enough, for anyone in need of having another support and to inform themselves ! Wherever you are 40 or 14 this book is a great and amazing read ! 

One period product

Say goodbye to non reusable menstruation products and Hello to reusables ! We decided to try the moodz underwear and we absolutely LOVE it and couldn’t recommend it enough. Looking to invest in reusable menstrual protections ? Moodz is definitely worth the try ! Cute and sexy on the outside and comfortable and no leak proof on the inside ! 

One playlist

Capricorn playlist on Spotify Fun fact, behind the mag is a team of two Capricorn women. This playlist perfectly defines us and our attitude. Don’t panic, this account has a playlist for EVERY sign, you will find it at Amanda Leopizzi on Spotify. 

One Craving

Raspberry, we can’t get enough of this fruit and could eat it for the rest of our lives. The leaf is consumed to naturally support healthy menstruation. It has multiple ways to be consumed, for one to tone the uterus and for the cramps. Raspberry leaf also harmonizes the menstrual cycle and is a good pain relief. 

Our sources

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Amanda Leopizzi on Spotify 

Check out Moodz